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Supplementing with S.O.D - Is it Good or Bad?

One of my blog readers left a comment on a post mentioning that they give their daughter S.O.D (SuperOxide Dismutase) as a supplement. In the meantime, I have had email correspondance with them and discussed this topic, but I thought it would be helpful to share here as well.

SuperOxide Dismutase itself is sold as a vitamin supplement by a lot of companies. In and of itself, SOD is not bad. It is a powerful antioxidant. But, as with almost anything, too much SOD, causes lots of damage.

The gene for SOD is on the 21st chromosome and is 50% overexpressed in Down Syndrome because of the triplicated chromosome 21.

One example of the increased SOD can be seen in the study, Increased superoxide dismutase and Down's syndrome,

The enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a constitutive enzyme coded by a gene located in Chromosome 21 (21q22.1). Thus, the tissues from patients with trisomy 21 contain 50% more SOD activity.
This triplication causes an increase in the hydroxyl radical, which causes free radicals. Free radicals then turn into oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes apoptosis (programmed cell death). 

Because of this, I would not supplement with S.O.D. because it IS in excess in DS.  And the excessive amounts are not helping people with DS, but actually causing many problems.

In Down Syndrome there are not enough antioxidants to combat the increase in oxidative stress, because the antioxidants are low. Zinc is low in DS, because of the overexpressed SOD gene. Glutathione is low because of the overexpressed Glutathione Peroxidase gene.

There are so many other good antioxidants that you can give people with DS, such as Zinc, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Blueberry, Curcumin, Coenzyme Q10,  etc, that I would not want to supplement with a source that is known to be overexpressed in DS.

Is the supplemental form of SOD the same as the form that is overexpressed in DS? I don't know, but personally, I wouldn’t want to risk it. SOD is overexpressed from the time the child is in the womb and throughout their whole life.

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Anonymous said...

I have a 10 year old with DS.. He now takes Protandim. Our lives have forever have changed.. wow!! I now am a distributor for LifeVantage.. my website is If you would like to talk to others with Children with DS who are taking Protandim call me I would love to share...Dawn

Anonymous said...

Do your research before giving your DS kids Protandim!!! I have a 17 year old son with Down Syndrome. I research and investigate anything and everything that has medicinal effects before myself or my kids ingest them. I have a little degree in math and science and was only 1 semester away from completing my RN schooling and getting my Bachelors in Registered Nursing...Long story short, I am a single mom by choice, and right at the tail end of nursing education I decided to quit, my kids were suffering and I was having a terrible time finding adequate and safe care for my son. I ended up working from home and we all are better for it...I've said this because, I know a lot more now than before I had taken so many medical and science classes. One thing I've learned is unless a product has substantial, unbiased testing, it shouldn't be used because we don't know the harm it can cause...Even simple herbs, vitamins and minerals can have a devastating affect in the wrong people. Nrf2 can actually promote the opposite effect, my INCREASING Oxidative Stress. Curcumin (turmeric)is both an antioxidant as well as a prooxidant (opposite). I'm sorry this is so long, but if you care for you child as much as I do mine, and I know you do, than reading terribly long comments, blogs and studies is worth getting to a real answer. Protandim is NOT good for our Downy kids. I'm going to paste two links below...both are long, the first is incredibly long, but totally worth the time to read it as well as the comments...(reading the comments on both are helpful). Let me also say that I was all for Protandim, I read so many great things about it...I was truly excited and nearly purchased a bottle online...that's when I saw that hey, that says "Protandim R"...what's the difference?? Well, I learned that because the company's scams have been found out, they have changed the name 2 or 3 times already, and the dr.'s who promote it receive financial gain, one Dr even gets 10% of all sales. What's behind the curtain is extremely ugly. I said, I was really excited about the product but while I was researching, I came across Lazy Man's first I thought he was just a disgruntled competitor or maybe a Dr who doesn't believe in natural medicine...(many do actually). As I started reading, I didn't believe his claims, but he actually is stating truth, it can be verified. After I learned that Protandim or some of it's ingredients can and probably will have an opposite effect, I decided that in no way would I put that into my boy's body. I actually found a couple of scientist who state how and why Nrf2 causes increased oxidative stress...which is what SOD does. Another expert stated that for certain people who do take products that activate Nrf2, they should only take them for the short term. My research took many hours and I did not intend on discussing this with anyone so I do not have the'll have to do the work yourself, sorry. But the two links I am providing have enough helpful information to cause you to not want to give this stuff to your child. Here are the links, don't forget to read the comments as well. P.S. I didn't edit this, so if something isn't said right I apologize. :)

Dpuhlein said...

I did my research actually spoke to doctor Marvin. What the research shows is that the sods are high in our kidos with DS. PROTANDIM actually regulates them. I was worried when I read that Protandim can increase SOD,S. because our kids don't need it increased. I need to find the study that was done and published in national institute of health that proved it regulates it. Also the other thing I learned is Protandim increases glutathione in our body too. And DS KIDS have low levels of glutathione. That's why we should not give our kids Tylenol. Decreases glutathione. Go to and research there. The lazyman makes money every time some clicks on his website. The more controversy the better for him. Please don't imply I don't do my research. I do. I am sure you do too. What may work for one may not work for another.

Qadoshyah said...

@Dpuhlein - Thanks for sharing what you have found! I'm glad you posted this information, as it allows people to research both sides and look at more. If I was doing more research like I used to do all the time, I'd write up a post about it. I suppose I may still try to do that, but being newly married and now pregnant, makes my time schedule a little different than it used to be :).

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