Monday, November 28, 2011

"I'm Sorry"

When someone hears that you have a child with Down syndrome, sometimes they respond with an "I'm Sorry."

There's nothing to be sorry about when you find out someone has a child with DS. Nothing. Sorry that they have a child with an extra chromosome? It's not that big of a deal. Sure, there are challenges that come along with it, but it's not a problem to be sorry about.

Our typical response to this is, "We're sorry everyone doesn't have a kid with Down syndrome."

And that is the truth. We often say this, even around our home, because O is a big blessing to our family. He makes us laugh. He's so happy. It would be good if more people had someone like that in their life.

I thought of this when I was getting O ready for the bed the other night. He was getting his Pajamas on (which are his favorite thing to wear lately :)) and he put them on all by himself. I layed them out for him so that it's very obvious where he needed to put his legs, his arms, etc. After he got them on, he threw his arms up in the air in excitement and jumped up and down with laughter. He was thrilled because he did it all by himself.

Then he put his thumb up and said "O cool" and ran and gave me a big hug.

He was excited over such a little thing. But, it really makes your day when you have someone who is excited about life. Especially the small things.

When he did this, I thought, how could someone say they're sorry we have a child like this?

Don't be sorry for us. We're glad that we have someone with Down syndrome in our life.

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