Thursday, November 24, 2011

21 Things I'm Thankful For...

First off, Happy Thanksgiving (at least to those readers who are in the US :))!

Since it's Thanksgiving today, I thought I would share 21 things I'm thankful for about O.

I'm thankful....

...That he's my brother
...For all the progress he has made through the years
...That he has Down Syndrome
...For his laugh
...For his smile
...For his hugs & kisses
...That he likes to be cozy & cuddly still
...That he is able to read (even if it's just a few words right now)
...That he speaks in sentences (even if it's not clear to everyone)
...That he can swallow pills
...For how he says "Pajamas"...."Fafafas"
...For the small things in life (like all of the family holding hands while walking that he gets so thrilled about)
...That he likes to clean
...For how he jumps up & down and claps his hands when he's excited
...That God has used the vitamins O takes to help him excel
...That he understands so much
...For how he says "I love you" (I uv woo)
...That he was born into such a large family (it helps him so much!)
...For his health
...That he is potty trained
...That he says Mom, Mommy, Me, My and Molly (they've been such a challenge for him to learn!)

Most of all, I'm thankful that....

God has blessed our family with a child with Down Syndrome.

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