Monday, November 21, 2011

Is the Supplement Causing This Problem?

A few months ago there was some discussion of the effects of Longvida Curcumin on the Einstein Syndrome list. There were some statements made where people thought Longvida had made their child sick more often, not sleep, etc.

Because of the research I have done, I had to chime in with some additional information. Whenever you give any supplement, you are going to have to watch for changes. But, to say a change that is happening 3-6 months after the supplement was started is because of such and such supplement, is not necessarily true. There are so many variables in life, that after so many months, you may not be able to say what issue is being caused by which supplement.

As with ANY supplement, not every child will be able to handle it. Or, maybe they can only handle certain amounts of it. Or, maybe they need a digestive enzyme to help them absorb it better. There's a myriad of reasons why a child may not be able to tolerate a supplement.

Personally, if my brother was getting sick more often, I wouldn't be looking at his supplementss as potentially causing the problem. I would look at what his supplements were lacking.

In other words, does he need more vitamin D? Are his zinc & iron levels good, etc? Maybe he needs more Glutathione to help his lungs/airway. The list of things to look at is huge!

Is there a certain vitamin interacting with another one to mess something up? Maybe I should split up the time when he takes certain vitamins.

From what I know, there is nothing in LC or any sort of TNI that would weaken a child's immune system. If someone can find otherwise, I'd be glad to hear it :). In fact, I have heard just the opposite - that Curcumin strengthens the child's immune system.

As far as negatively affected sleep from a supplement, I would look at a few things.

-What time of day does he take the certain vitamin?
-Can he not tolerate vitamins after a certain time of day?
-Is it really the vitamin or is there something else in effect?
-Is he growing or teething?
-Does he have any allergies?
-Is he too warm or too cold when sleeping, etc?

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Ellen Stumbo said...

I find that LC makes Nichole sick, but sick as in reflux. You are right, a supplement causing an immune system to weaken seems unlikely...but what do I know! ;)

Anonymous said...

LC has made teagan improve drastically, but it absolutely does cause some sleep disturbances. We are working on modifying the dose and time she takes it.

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