Saturday, November 5, 2011

Specs4Us...Erin's World Frames

Over the years, especially since O has had glasses, we've wanted to get the frames specifically designed for children with Down Syndrome.

Specs4Us, with the line of frames called Erin's World, were designed by a mother who works in the optical world and happens to have a daughter with Down syndrome.

As their site states,
SPECS4US was created and founded in 2004 by Maria Dellapina with over 25 years in the optical industry and the mother of a four-year-old with Down syndrome. She saw a definite need for this frame line.  After two years of searching for an eyeglass frame to fit her daughter, Erin, Maria decided to use her knowledge as both an optician and mother to help Erin and others like her.
We've always had to adjust O's glasses SO much every time he gets a new frame, just so that they would stay on his face. We'd adjust the nose pieces, the temples and even have him wear a strap to keep the glasses on. No matter how good we would have his glasses adjusted, within no time they would be slipping down his face. He'd have to push them up constantly or he would be looking over his glasses.

Plastic frames seemed to fit O somewhat better, but they still weren't sufficient. And we were always limited as to how much we could adjust each frame, otherwise they'd push against his eyes too much and his eyelashes would hit them.

So, after awhile, we found a new optical shop and Marilyn at the shop, was willing to try to get these frames and have them covered by O's insurance. Previously, his insurance wouldn't cover them.

After just a bit of talking to the folks at Specs4Us (they were so friendly and very helpful!), they sent Marilyn 4 frames for O to try. Every frame fit his face well, so it was a hard choice as to which one to choose!

But, in the end we finally got a Specs4Us frame for O and it has made a HUGE difference! These frames would work so well just for any little kid who doesn't have much of a nose bridge.

The difference between Erin's World frames and regular frames is explained on their site,
“Erin’s World” is the frame line specially designed to fit children with Down syndrome superior to the typical frame.  Unlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit on their smaller noses and the temples (some people call them arms) are designed to help keep the glasses from constantly slipping.
I took a few pictures of O's Erin's World frames next to his regular frames that he had been wearing so you can see the comparison.

The Erin's World frames are the blue wire frames and his old frames are the black plastic frames.

As you can see in this picture below, the temples are set much lower than the regular frames. And the nose bridge piece is set much lower as well.


Erin's World frames are so worth it! They've made a huge difference for O and how he's been able to see. He doesn't have frames that slip down his face anymore. He doesn't have to look over the top of his glasses anymore either.

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