Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where We're At Now

My last post I mentioned our suspicion of Celiac or at least Gluten Intolerance. We had an appointment with Osiyyah's local doctor last week and she's all on board with us trying to figure out what's causing these reflux problems.

We have an appointment tomorrow to get his blood drawn and tested for the Celiac antibody screening and also another food allergy test. I think it's called the ALCAT and tests for like 23 different food allergies. She figured since we are doing a blood test for Celiac, might as well test other food allergies incase there is more. Which is great, since I wanted to get an ALCAT done at some point for Osiyyah anyways.

But, in the last week we have cut out pretty much all Gluten from Osiyyah's diet . . . and guess what, he hasn't had another reflux episode. Novel concept, huh? We've added in a *little* bit of wheat (like bread) here and there the last few days just to be sure the blood test will come back accurately.

But, it's hard to give Osiyyah any wheat, since we talked to him last week and told him why he can't have it. So he is very adamanat about no wheat. We explained to him that it's like cow's milk and he knows how that makes him feel. So, if we try to give him something and he's suspicious of it being something with wheat he shakes his head no, waves his hand around and says "weet." It's pretty funny. At least it makes going gluten-free easy, since he doesn't want to touch anything with wheat in it.

My sister was trying to give him a Jelly Bean that we were eating last night and he would not touch it because he was convinced it had "weet" in it, LOL! He doesn't care for jelly-bean type of candies anyways, so I guess that's good too ;).

We're also wondering if Osiyyah's thyroid has gone up at all, since that will make his reflux episodes increase. But, it wouldn't be directly related to what he eats. So, we're waiting for his thyroid tests to come back which we had done last week to see if that is affecting his reflux in the slightest. But, I am convinced it is largely due to something dietary. . . especially since he hasn't had any reflux since going gluten-free. Well, he had one very smal reflux a few days ago after he ate a bar that had powdered milk in it. But, other than that, he's been good.

We shall see what the test results show . . .



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