Monday, March 22, 2010


Thanks to those of you who left comments & gave ideas and suggestions on Osiyyah's allergy testing & possible celiac disease. I read them all and will go back and look at them as we continue on the research trail of what we should do next.

We've all been laid out for the last week with a nasty head & chest cold. Since our family is so big, it takes awhile for the sickies to move through the house, unfortunately. And the Oklahoma weather has been wild, as usual . . . 70 degree temperatures on Friday and then 30 degrees with a blizzard & ice storm by Saturday. Today the 8 inches of snow is melting a lot, so hopefully that'll be the last wintery storm we have this spring.



Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, the weather has been wild and wooly in your part of the world!

Glad you found the comments useful.

Neha said...

Take care and hope you all get well soon :)

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