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MSB Plus & Nutrivene: Which One?

Jasmine left a comment on the post, Nutrivene-D & What We Saw. She asked some questions looking for more information and since it is a topic that comes up fairly often, I decided to answer her in a blog post.


Hi, I'm new to your blog. I was googling NTV-D and found you. My doctor just recommended this supplement for my little girl. Your report is wonderful.

I'm going back and forth between this supplement and MSB Plus V7 by NutriChem. Any other information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

The thing I like about NutriChem is that they will formulate the supplement to suit her needs according to metabolic testing.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you,


Nutrivene does do custom formulas as well. You just have to call or write them and ask. I know they have several premade custom formulas (e.g. methyl free formula, vitamin a free formula etc) and are willing to work with families if their child has some extra nutritional needs or cannot have certain nutrients.

From everything I have researched, which is quite a lot, Nutrivene-D is far superior to MSB Plus. Yes, MSB Plus is fine and it is a good start if that is all you can get for your child. But, Nutrivene-D covers a lot more bases and excludes a few questionable ingredients that MSB Plus has in it.

I wrote an article for our book, Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do, about Nutrivene & MSB Plus. So, I'll just paste that article here, since it answers the question quite well.

Nutrivene and MSB Plus: An Overview
By Qadoshyah Fish

The two main TNI formulas available are Nutrivene-D and MSB Plus. Another different but similar formula was the Hap Caps by Dr. Jack Warner. Since Dr. Warner’s death in 2004, his formula has fallen by the way side.

Both Nutrivene-D and MSB Plus have been around for about the same amount of time. Although the idea of supplementation in Down syndrome was not new, it became well known in 1994. Nutrivene-D and MSB Plus are similar and very different, in that they are both targeted to meet the specific nutrients needs of the population with Down syndrome.

A significant difference between Nutrivene and MSB Plus is in the way they dose. Nutrivene-D doses based on weight and age, which is very reliable, but MSB Plus doses based on age alone. Dosing by age alone is not very reliable, because children’s weights can vary greatly. Dosing by weight will give a more accurate dosage and therefore prevent any possible overdosing. Of course, this is why it is important to get annual blood testing done.

Here are some examples of the difference between the dosages:

The dosage amount of TMG in Nutrivene-D for a 2 year old who weighs 30 lbs would be 150mgs. In MSB Plus, a child who is 2 years old would be 25mgs. Some children who take Nutrivene-D have to take 500mgs extra of TMG in addition to the 150mgs already in Nutrivene-D, because of the overexpression of the CBS gene.

The amount of zinc in Nutrivene-D for a 2 year old who weighs 30 lbs would be 9mgs. In MSB Plus, a child who is 2 years old the amount would be 3.75mgs. Many children who take Nutrivene-D have to take 10-25mgs extra of zinc in addition to the zinc already in Nutrivene-D, because zinc is commonly low in DS.

There are several differences in the ingredients between these two brands:

Among the differences, MSB Plus contains Iron and L-Cysteine.

The amount of Iron in MSB Plus is not very high, yet it should still not be supplemented unless the child needs it (i.e. iron levels are low or anemic). Iron can add in oxidative damage and there is already so much oxidative stress & free radicals present in Down syndrome. But, iron & ferritin levels should be monitored closely to ensure that the child is not low or anemic.

Cysteine should not be supplemented because it is in overabundance in individuals with DS already¹, due to the improper functioning of the SAM cycle.

In addition, MSB Plus has far less ingredients than Nutrivene-D. Nutrivene-D has several more ingredients than MSB Plus. The ingredients that are in Nutrivene-D, but not in MSB Plus are:

Curcumin - an anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory
Blueberry Powder - anti-oxidant and anti-cancer
Lutein - good for eye health
Bromelain - an anti-inflammatory

These ingredients are all very beneficial and should be given to better address and help the problems commonly seen in those with DS. If given the choice, Nutrivene-D is the better formula.

1. Pogribna M, Melnyk S, Pogribny I, Chango A, Yi P, James SJ. Homocysteine metabolism in children with Down syndrome: in vitro modulation. Am J Hum Genet. 2001 Jul;69(1):88-95



Brandie said...

We already use Nutrivene,but thanks for explaining the key differences!

Far Above Rubies said...

Wow, thank you so very much. This is excellent. You were very gracious in explaining - in detail - what noone has been able to. I'm so glad I found you.

Now for my next question. Where do I order? Could you direct me? Thank you.

Windmills and Tulips.

Qadoshyah said...

You can see where to order Nutrivene at

Chris6h said...

Sooo wish we could use Nutrivene D. With the new reformulation they did this year, it tastes AWFUL!! I tried hiding it in just about everything and she would spit it out. It even got to the point where she wasn't eating anything for a day to see if that stuff was in it. Sadly, I had to send it back. I wish they had one that didn't have a flavor.

Qadoshyah said...

Do you use the microencapsulated powder from Nutrivene? It makes a big difference on the taste and has hardly any bad flavor.

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