Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ordering Fast Food . . . Allergen Free . . .

We don't eat fast food very often, but when we are out and about doing errands we will swing by a fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. And trying to avoid allergens, like cow dairy & wheat or gluten, can be challenging. And quite entertaining!

Last week we had to run a few errands and happened to stop by two fast food restaurants. One for lunch and one to grab an ice cream on our way home.

First we stopped at Long John Silver's. Bad choice right there, but didn't think about it initially. All their fish & chicken is breaded. It's probably fried in the same oil as their french fries too. We asked the cashier, as we were trying to figure out what to order,

"Do you have any chicken that's not breaded?"

Cashier: "Um . . . I'm not sure"

Me: "Or, do you have anything without wheat in it?"

Mom chimes in: "Something that's gluten free"

Cashier: "I don't know, I've never been asked that before."

Me: "That's alright, no big deal"

That was weird. I thought they would surely have some kind of allergen free food somewhere. My Mom & I decide we'll just order french fries for Osiyyah. We've done it before at other restaurants, since he really likes fries and they are (or at least should be) gluten free.

About 5 minutes later as we're almost decided on what we want to order, the cashier says "Oh, we do have naked chicken, that we can cook without any breading on it." Um, yeah, that's what we were asking for. Haha! But, by that point, we decided to just order fries.

Mistake: Don't order fries from Long John Silver's . . . I don't think they are GF, since Osiyyah spit up later on and that's the only close-to-wheat item he had eaten.

Then onto McDonald's we went to grab some Sundaes. My sister came out with the Sundaes and told me she couldn't figure out what to get for Osiyyah. I told her to get one of those fruit parfait cups without any of the whipped topping or dairy in it . . . just frozen fruit. She heads back in and deals with another cashier unfamiliar with food allergies. After several minutes and the cashier acting like she's asking for something he's never heard of and asking the manager permission to sell her a dairy free fruit parfait cup, she was able to get a fruit cup with no dairy in it.

Ahh, the joys of ordering fast food allergen free!



Neha said...

I'm glad that you were able to get some good food for the little one. It sure gets difficult to get suitable food, especially in fast food chains!

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