Monday, October 11, 2010

31 for 21: A Site for New Diagnoses

This link came through one of the DS listservs I'm on the other day and thought I'd pass it a long.

This website is for families who have received a new diagnosis of Down syndrome. The site also offers a free eBook, which is a plus. The eBook, Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome, is "specifically written for expectant mothers who are moving forward with a pregnancy after learning about a Down syndrome diagnosis."

A bit about the website:

We wanted to thank our fabulous medical review team and Down syndrome community review team; the trustees; photographers, Kelle Hampton and Conny Wenk; and designer, Justin Meredith, who helped us pull this all together. We also wanted to thank Mark Leach from the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action Informed Decision-Making Task Force for keeping us on task. Thanks also to our husbands and children for bearing with us and supporting us.
It has taken us over a year to complete the book, including hours of research, writing, submitting for medical review, and editing — with absolutely no budget. We are very proud of the product and hope you like it too. Our goal is to reassure, empower, and educate expectant parents who are moving forward with a Down syndrome pregnancy while understanding and respecting their emotional state.
Photographer Kelle Hampton has her own child with Down syndrome, who is just a few months old.

Photographer Conny Wenk also has a kiddo with DS and takes beautiful photographs of kids with DS. This little guy is so cute!



Adelaide Dupont said...


I think Kelle Hampton's daughter is more than a year old.

Conny Wenk has some wonderful work out. Lifestyle photographs and kids of all shapes, sizes and configurations!

(I had known of Hampton but not of Wenk before the Pregnancy project).

Qadoshyah said...

Kelle's daughter was born in January, so she's just barely 10 months old :).

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