Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21: The Other Kids

Well, with the post I did yesterday in mind I decided to ask the rest of the kids in my family what's one thing they are thankful for or like about Osiyyah.

Here's their responses in age order:

E. (20 yrs old): "I like how excited he is to go on walks with the dogs, even though it's a common event."
N. (18 yrs old): "His stories."
S. (16 yrs old): "He talks to me all the time and really likes animals :)."
T. (14 yrs old): "I like listening to his 'stories.' And thankful that he's not 'normal' :)."
H. (13 yrs old): "He is a very good little cleaner and helper."
H. (11 yrs old): "He keeps everyone laughing and happy and is a great example to just not worry about anything and be a good servant."
R. (9 1/2 yrs old): "He makes me laugh a lot."
B. (8 yrs old): "He's happy all the time."
Y. (5 1/2 yrs old): "He's funny."

And if you want to see a list of some of the things Osiyyah likes to do, or is thankful for, you can hop on over to my sister's blog. She "interviewed" Osiyyah yesterday and asked him 21 things he liked or was thankful for :).



Adelaide Dupont said...

So glad you decided to save this one up to last.

Your siblings each reveal their individual character and their Christianity from each response.

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