Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 for 21: Prenatal TNI

Since I'm on the topic of using targeted nutritional intervention these last few days, I figured I'd mention the use of TNI prenatally. Believe it or not, there are things you can do prenatally to help your baby with Down syndrome (if you know you will be having a baby with DS).

I wrote the article below for our book. There are also several other articles in our book regarding prenatal use of TNI.

What Can Be Done Prenatally?
By Qadoshyah Fish

It is asked often by individuals who are looking to use TNI, “How early should I start my child on Nutrivene-D?” Well, if you know your child has DS, the best time to start TNI is prenatally! Once the baby is born, the infant could begin the Nutrivene-D Daily Supplement, but the mother will give her child a huge benefit if she would start TNI prenatally.

Pregnant women take a prenatal multi-vitamin to help their body and the developing baby. There is not much difference with that and taking a prenatal multi-vitamin that is specifically targeted for the additional nutritional needs that the developing baby with Down syndrome has.

There have been marked differences in the babies who have mothers that have taken TNI prenatally.  Many of the babies are born with no hypotonia, the low muscle tone that is typically seen in babies with DS. There are very few early slow-downs and these children generally do better in all areas¹. 

The exact mechanisms and reasons for prenatal TNI working so well are not known. There are many possible reasons for this, but until research is done, it cannot be known for sure how it works.

Below are some possible mechanisms that prenatal TNI can help with:

There are certain amino acids, which are critical for proper development of the brain and neurons in utero. Several of these amino acids, such as Serotonin, Aminobutyric acid, and Taurine, have been found to be reduced in the brains of fetuses with Down syndrome².

Oxidative stress is part of the pathogenesis of Down syndrome. It has been studied and seen that oxidative stress is increased very early in the pregnancy³. Prenatal antioxidant therapy may help slow some of the oxidative stress diseases that are often seen in individuals with Down syndrome³.

Someone may ask, “Where can I get a prenatal TNI supplement?” International Nutrition Inc, the producers of NuTriVene-D® offer a NuTriVene-PN Prenatal Formula. Nutrivene-PN is specifically designed for mothers who are pregnant with a Down syndrome baby.

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And, if you're looking for a good prenatal TNI supplement, International Nutrition sells Nutrivene-PN Prenatal Formula.



Adelaide Dupont said...


It does make sense that extra nutrients to the foetal brain would help it develop in many respects.

Especially the use of serotonin and taurine.

Andi Durkin said...

I totally agree with you! When I was pregnant, I ate very well, all organic with prenatal vitamins and supplements I thought were important to a developing baby. I did not know my baby had Down Syndrome but because of all that nutrition, he was born with great muscle tone. In fact, Kay Ness, the neurodevelopmentalist just evaluated him (he's 8 months old) and she said in her 25 years, she's never seen a baby with DS with such great muscle tone! He has very little delays as well. She said he's about the same level as a 6-7 month old and he had heart surgery only 2 months ago. Pretty good! In some areas, he's beyond a typical 8 month old. In fact, he just said his first word yesterday, "Water!!" very loud and clearly. (He started longvida curcumin just 4 days ago, only 1/8 teaspoon at night... don't know if that helped this quickly!)
Thanks for another great post!

Qadoshyah said...

That is awesome, Andi!

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