Friday, October 8, 2010

31 for 21: Buddy Walk Prep

The DSAT Buddy walk is fast approaching and we still have a bit to do to get ready for it, especially since we're providing the petting zoo and running a table this year. But, we're all looking forward to it!

So, this week, I've slowly been working on some of the things the RR table will have at it. I've got one of the posters done and still have to do another one (that's half way done at the moment)...

The one poster is about Reece's Rainbow Homecomings. There are so many children that have come home through RR and one amazing transformations, but I decided to choose the Salem's little girl, Hailee and the Urban's little girl, Ava.

And, I also got the flag for our team - O's Ranch Hands - done. It turned out pretty cool!

I printed out each letter in a cool font, traced it onto the fabric, cut it out and then used Liquid Stitch to put the fabric on the flag. It was kind of a pain to use Liquid Stitch, so if we have to do something like this again, I think we'll try to get Wonder Under (iron on fabric applique). Liquid Stitch is all that Michael's craft store had and so it worked.

And we put the patch from last year's walk on it. Hopefully we can add another to it from this year as well!

We'll be sure to take lots of pictures at the walk . . . less than 2 weeks now!



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