Saturday, October 30, 2010

31 for 21: 21 Things

I've seen so many people do this over the years on their blogs and message boards, so I figured I'd try to do it as one of the last couple posts in the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge. I thought it may be a bit hard to do, to come up with 21 things about Osiyyah, but it was quite easy. And I think I could go on for awhile and do a lot more than 21 things!

21 things about Osiyyah that make him unique & that I'm thankful for!

1. His laugh. It's contagious.

2. His goofy grin where he makes his whole face scrunch up.

3. The way he says "dark"..."dwark." And, how almost every night recently he asks, "Why dwark?"

4. How he randomly waves and says "Hi!" to any person while we're shopping. I've heard stories from families with "older" kids who did this and now Osiyyah does the same thing!

5. How he crawls into my bed many mornings.

6. How he wants his big sister to wake him up in the morning when she gets up to milk the goats. But she never does, since it's early!

7. How he counts days down by how many more times we have to eat, sleep & milk the goats.

8. How he thoroughly enjoys the livestock auction. He counts down the days to it!

9. How he comes outside to the "mama bunny barn" (what he calls it) many times a day with me.

10. How he tells me every morning that he will carry the "kitty cat bowl" (of food) outside & I'll carry the "arlic" (garlic)...(the garlic powder is something we give the cats to prevent fleas).

11. How he laughs at himself, in a totally fake laugh, if he puts his sister's pink boots on.

12. How he says "Oops"..."Suh-ooo." Yes, it's backwards!

13. How he says, or rather sings "Molly"...."Molleeeeee!" It's the only way he will say that word with an "m" sound and not as "Bolly."

14. How he calls almost all animals as the sound that they make, not the word that they are called. Like goats are called "ahhhh" since they sound like that, haha.

15. How he acts out so many things in his talk.

16. How he likes to dance. And how he asks to dance by saying his variation of "dance" and tapping his little heel on the floor.

17. How he says his name, so perfect & clearly.

18. How he likes to take the bullmastiffs on a walk and then help his sister give them a bath.

19. How he asks if a food is allergy free..."No cow? No wheat?" If the answer is "Yes" to both of those, he excitedly says "Osiyyah!" and claps his hands.

20. How he says something is yucky or stinky. It's "ewwwie." Or, "ewwww" as he waves his hand.

21. How he likes to clean & help do chores. He does them so well!

I'm so thankful for the blessing God has given us in Osiyyah and the extra chromosome that comes with him. He adds such a fun dynamic to our family.



Looking Up said...

No wonder you love him so much! He sounds just precious. :) Some of your comments made me smile as they remind me of my own son. My little guy Josh waves at EVERYONE he meets. My son also refers to animals by the sounds they make. Cows are "MMMMM" & Sheep are "AAAA" And as for dancing? There is nothing on this planet that my Josh would rather do. :)

Adelaide Dupont said...

So many of the unique things about O are about his speech.

It's great that he has funny things to say, like other children.

And as for the livestock auction!

Ria said...

Wonderful list! How funny that he calls animals by their sounds. Matthew does that too for just some animals - the pig (he snorts) and sheep.

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