Friday, September 3, 2010

What to Buy From TalkTools?

Brandie left a comment on this post, asking for any recommendations on DVD's from TalkTools. Although I have posted a couple times in regards to items and videos we use from Talk Tools (see here and here), I thought it would be good to devote a whole post to my recommendations for DVD's from TalkTools.

DVD ~ As A Parent: What Can I Do?
*Although, I have never watched this DVD, I have heard very good things about it. And even though it is not very expensive, it would probably be an easy way to start. But, I still think some of the more complex DVDs are extremely beneficial.

So, onto those DVD's:

DVD ~ Down Syndrome Population
*This is an excellent 6 hour series. I highly recommend it.

DVD ~ Jaw Assessment & Treatment
*This is a great topic and something that needs to be understood for those of us involved with someone with DS. I read the book on this and it made so. much. sense.

DVD ~ Pre-Feeding/Organizing The Mouth Set
"Pre-Feeding: Preparing the Oral Musculature," and "Organizing the Mouth for Feeding and Speech"
*I watched these DVDs a few years ago and they are very helpful!
**Individual DVDs of these videos: Pre-Feeding by Lori Overland & Organizing the Mouth by Lori Overland.

DVD ~ Bubbles As Therapy Tools
*Very informative video. Makes understanding the Bubble therapy much easier.

DVD ~ Horns as Therapy Tools
*Very informative video. Makes understanding the Horn therapy much easier.

DVD ~ Straws as Therapy Tools
*Very informative video. Makes understanding the Straw therapy much easier.

Or, better yet, you could buy a 5 DVD set (which is what we did a few years ago) that includes:
Bubbles/Horns/Straws as Therapy Tools, Pre-Feeding & Organizing the Mouth by Lori Overland. This DVD set also includes kits for the Bubbles/Horns/Straws. You can see that DVD set at this link.

If you're only going to get two DVD sets, I would suggest the 5 DVD set right above and the Down Syndrome Population 6 hour series. That'll give you 11 hours worth of DVDs to watch and you should be understanding things a lot better by the end :).

Hope this helps!



Brandie said...

Thank-you! You must have been reading my mind because I was wondering about the Down Syndrome Pupulation DVD.

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