Monday, September 6, 2010

Life On The Ranch: The Blue Hole

Yesterday was spent going swimming with friends at a local swimming hole that the locals refer to as "The Blue Hole." It's a nice little swimming spot and perfect for the little kids, with some shallow spots, but also nice for those who know how to swim, with a few deep spots.

Although the water is getting pretty cool and the weather is cooling down, it was still a very nice swim. It'll probably be one of the last swimming times this year.


Osiyyah throwing a football to someone in the water

Warming up on the shore eating some yummy French Vanilla Popcorn.

After swimming was done and animal chores were done, we headed over to the neighbor's for dinner and to watch a soccer game.

So, there's a recap of our nice, relaxing Labor Day Sunday :). Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend!



Grizzly Bear said...

It reminds me so much of my father in law's house in redding. There is a creek and he has a perfect swimming hole on the property.

Looks like you all had fun!

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