Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Sad.

This little girl had Cerebral Palsy in Eastern Europe.

Because of that, she was left in an orphanage . .  .
...To be hidden away from the world and from a family
...To be taken care of just enough to live, but with minimal care, love & nutrition
...To spend her days in a crib

When she outgrew her time at the orphanage, she was transferred to a horrible mental institution in Eastern Europe.

Simply because she had Cerebral Palsy. 

According to the mindset of many people in EE, she wasn't fit to be a part of society. Her life was destined to be hidden away. Tucked away in a crib in a dark orphanage and then quietly transferred to a place where many children die very shortly after coming.

And that's what happened to this little girl.

Just a few months after arriving at this horrible mental institution, she passed away. So sad.

Her days were spent hidden away from the eyes of the world, so that no one would have to deal with this child who may be a "burden to society."

But, there was One who knew all her days from the time she was born and that is God. I praise God that He will come soon and bring true justice to all.



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