Saturday, September 25, 2010

CTR in The Ukraine

Connecting the Rainbow is on their first trip to the Ukraine to establish connections with families, doctors, therapists, and orphanages in various regions of Ukraine.

It was just a short trip (a few days), but you can see the details of their trip at the Connecting The Rainbow blog.

Shelley (adopted kids through RR from Ukraine, Serbia & Bulgaria) & Meredith (adopted 2 through RR from Ukraine in 2008 & is in the process of adopting another one from EE) went on this trip together. One of the main reasons they went was because of the DownsEd conference that was held in Kiev, Ukraine.

But, since they were on this trip, they were able to visit several orphanages (including the one Meredith's 2 kiddos came from), a therapy center that recently opened, a maternity hospital and more.

Hopefully this will help open the gateway for more connections in Ukraine and bring hope to families there, so that someday orphanages and institutions will be a thing of the past.



Adelaide Dupont said...

May I say that it is amazing that conferences on this top level are held in Ukraine, where all the ins and outs are going to be well understood.

The country is on a path of reform and deserves all our support.

Will keep up with the blog, Q.

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