Monday, July 12, 2010

PROMPT: The "G" and "K" Command

This PROMPT command is for the "G" or "K" sounds. We've used this to encourage Osiyyah to say that sound more, since he has a bit of trouble retracting his tongue in certain sounds.

To do this command: Place the tip of your middle finger at the very back of the child's throat, under their jaw. Gently, but firmly, press your finger upward so the child feels the pressure. Say the "G" sound, like "Guh" or "Grr" or whatever you want to try, while this command is being done. Or say the hard "K" sound like in "Cat" when you are doing this command. Have the child say the sound at the same time as well. Support may be necessary for the child's head to keep the child in a proper position.



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