Saturday, July 3, 2010

PROMPT Commands

This is a post I've been waiting to get up for weeks!

Over the years I had heard about PROMPT quite a bit and the benefits of it. I would have totally learned it myself already, but of course they don't offer training to individuals . . . you have to be a speech therapist or pathologist. While I am that for my little brother, I am no professional :).

When the ST we see now said she was trained in PROMPT, I was thrilled. And even more thrilled when I saw how positively PROMPT helped Osiyyah. Our ST is wonderful, she will do the PROMPT commands when we see her once a month and then show us how to do them on Osiyyah, so we can continue doing them with him. Slowly, but surely, I'm learning PROMPT now and it's such a blessing for Osiyyah.

Years ago one of my sisters and I learned Cued Speech. It is basically English on the hands. And it has helped Osiyyah a lot. That deserves a post of it's own! PROMPT is somewhat similar to Cued Speech, but with PROMPT, you touch certain areas of the face, mouth, throat, etc to facilitate where the sound is actually coming from or how it should feel when said.

PROMPT was what helped Osiyyah say "Me" instead of "Dee." Constant repetition of just trying to get him to drop the "D" sound didn't work. But, when the "M" prompt was given and also the "eeee" prompt with it, he was able to (and had to because of the way the prompt commands are) say it correctly.

PROMPT is extremely beneficial for children with Apraxia, children with Oral Motor Planning problems (that's Osiyyah!), children who are very visually oriented and then also just to help a child really "get" a certain sound.

I was going to include a bunch of pictures of the PROMPT commands we do so you can see how to do them and implement them yourself, but of course, I have no clue where all the pictures went! So, I will have one of my sister's take some pictures sometime in the next few days of the PROMPT commands I do with Osiyyah. And then I can do a post for each one, which may make it easier anyways :).

Until then, have a Happy 4th of July weekend!



Tara said...

Please do! I am so interested in this!

Anonymous said...

I too am just learning of this and starting to teach it to my twins. So far, they are very responsive to it.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Am looking forward to the pictures, especially saying sounds that O might have difficulty with.

For now, this was a great read!

Anonymous said...

PROMPT is indeed an excellent tool. There are very specific instructions for use of these strategies because the technique communicates direct with muscles. There should not, therefore, be variations between the techniques of therapists. I would ask that you have your ST check your photos before opening them up to the wider community, as I'm not sure your technique accurately reflects PROMPT requirements and incorrect technique translates to incorrect messages to muscles.
Thanks. SLP in South Australia

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