Sunday, July 18, 2010

"No, No, No"

Another break-through in Osiyyah's speech came last week. Something we haven't directly worked on too much yet - the "N" sound used in a word. 

Osiyyah typically does not say anything with the sound "N" in it. It's just too hard for him to do. We weren't even working on that sound really because there are easier sounds that he is mastering well. But, of course some of the oral motor exercises we do with Osiyyah work on strengthening the tongue and jaw to be able to say those harder sounds.

Lots of kids learn how to say "No" early on. Osiyyah has never said that word (until last week). If he has a "No" answer to something he'd just shake his head or move his hand and gesture, while making a noise which was his way of saying "No." The word "Yeah" was one of his first words and he can say that word clear as day.

Well, last week, someone asked him a question and he plainly and clearly said "no, no, no." I overheard him say that and I asked him "What did you just say?" and he repeated it again, "no, no, no." Wow, what a delight to hear! Later that day (I think it was), I had him say that to his mom while we were doing speech therapy time. She was just as shocked too!

He will still go to use his gesturing at times or shaking his head, but we remind him and say "how do you say it?" and he'll remember to use the "no, no, no" phrase :). He's getting it down very well and I'm so thankful for yet another breakthrough in his speech. Even though this may seem small to some, this is HUGE for Osiyyah!

He doesn't say it singly as just "No", it's always "no, no, no." Why, I'm not totally sure. Has something to do with his motor planning difficulties, I'm sure.

His speech therapist did get him to say it once when she did a cue with him. But, he hasn't said it singly again, even with us doing the same cue. That's alright though, he can at least say the word!



Adelaide Dupont said...

I know a character from Vicar of Dibley who says "no no no" O's way.

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