Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life On The Ranch: Summer Time & Pigs

Well, I've been a slacker on the blog for the last week on the lack of posts. Seems like life has been busy and I haven't had any specific topics on mind to blog about. Although, I do have a bunch of PROMPT stuff to put up, that'll have to wait a couple more days. So, for now, I'll leave you with a few pictures from around here.

The summers here in NE Oklahoma can get quite humid at times. But, with the humidity and the frequent thunder storms, it makes for some beautiful scenery . . . lots of green! I'll deal with the humid heat in the summer, since we're so blessed to be out here!

Last week my brother built a new pen for a couple of his pigs and because it was such a beautiful evening we all went and watched the pig move.

The pond and some of the goats (and their llamas)

The boys bringing the pigs down

The twins helping nudge the pigs along :). Osiyyah was thrilled to poke the pigs with a stick. He's normally scared of the big hogs, but since we were all there he was okay with them. He would poke them and then run away, haha!

The move is complete . . . at the pen entrance!

And can't forget about the lawn mower rides the kids have all been getting from their big brothers :) ~




Adelaide Dupont said...

Lawn mower rides are great fun and I'm sure a rite of passage for the brothers!

Poking hogs with sticks ...

Any county fairs or shows?

Qadoshyah said...

There are fairs and shows around here. But we haven't done anything with them, since the pigs are a newer addition to the farm :).

Adelaide Dupont said...

I was thinking that something might have been done with the rabbits.

Perhaps next year or the year after with pigs?

(And then you'd have to breed and cross them well).

Qadoshyah said...

Oh yeah, we haven't done the fair shows around here yet with the rabbits since it's taken some time to get settled in out here :).

Maybe sometime with the hogs, we'll see.

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