Monday, July 1, 2013

Young Man with Down Syndrome Gets His Driver's License - John Marrs

I've posted a few times about John Marrs, via updates from his mom, Jenny, over the years. John has recently graduated highschool and is now going to a local college. This is the most recent update which his mom shared:

John went into the DMV and took his driver's test yesterday. In IL a student starts driver's training as a 15 year old. You must pass the written portion of the IL test before you get your permit to drive with an adult, which John did. Then, if the driver's ed teacher sees fit, the student is given a license following his 16th birthday. Our teacher was not our best friend. So, John had to wait until after he was 18 to test at the DMV. We finally got around to taking him in yesterday for his driver's test. When he returned from his drive, I was told, "he is amazing!" John is now a licensed driver!

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Very unusual but amazing.

Laura said...

Woohoo! Go John!


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