Monday, August 31, 2009

Changes Since Starting Longvida Curcuming - Log 1 @ 1000mgs/day

Changes Since Starting Longvida Curcumin

Started: 5-4-09

Week 2 - started 1000mgs/day:

Is putting two words together A LOT! Trying to say numerous two word sentences. "Bunch Hand" when asking for a bunch of pretzels in his hand. There are several other ones also.

Is trying to say many new words. Said "Scissors" the other day and we could

totally understand what he wanted. Signing & trying to cue with me as we sing the songs at church. He was trying to say the words as best as he can also.

Week 2 ½ to 3:

Said "scissors" when the kids were talking about scissors

Said "alfalfa" when Yo (his twin sister) & them were outside dealing with

the goats

Says "chicken" when signing chicken

Week 3 ½ to 4:

Said "Abba" (what the kids call Dad) clear as day!

Has been consistently saying "Bunny" and "bye-bye bunny" when we leave my barn at night.

Said "cookie" as best as he could when asked to say it - "ookie"

I really can't believe how much his speech has jumped. He says new words all the time and tries to copy and say new words whenever he can.

He doesn't always say them so we can totally understand them, but most of the time you can hear a little bit of the word that he is trying to say.

Says the name of his favorite goat, Willa - "illa."

Week 5:

Saturday (6-6): When they were getting ready to go out to milk the goats, I asked Osiyyah what they were going to feed the goats. He was standing there, crossed his arms and his leg and said "tink" (think) and then answered with "alfalfa." So cute!

Said two new words today (Sun.) - Apple & Blue. It's completely amazing that he is actually saying these words! He has never said Apple or Blue anything close to clear. It's always just been "ple" for Apple or "b" for Blue.

Said "Boobies" when Norayah (his brother) was tickling him this morning


Thought: I had been wondering about Apraxia with Osiyyah, but since starting the Curcumin and seeing these changes, my feeling that he may have it has really decreased. I'm wondering if this would have anything to do with helping with cognition and such in regards to Apraxia. Because, he has been able to say words he has never said before (and continuing to use them). AND, he has been saying words, well one word in particular, that he said months ago and never said again. He says "Bunny" now, whereas before he rarely said it. If you could make him say it, it was amazing. He had said it about 9 months ago and never really said it again.

Started singing at random times. He says all kinds of sounds & words, closes his eyes and really gets into the singing. He started singing while we were driving home in the car the other day, and there wasn't even any music on. He's continued to do it and even did it this morning with Norayah while he played the guitar. It's so cute!

Said "Pig" the other day.

At his therapy appointment on Friday (6-12), the therapist, Liz, commented that "he is talking a lot more today." We hadn't even told her that we were doing anything different. We told her at the end of the appointment and she was interested in hearing more.

Week 6:

Said "Bubble" this morning (6-15).

Week 7:

He sings every time we have bible study or church throughout most of the songs. He never did this before and every time we'd ask him, he would never do it. This is just so cool!

He seems to understand everything so much better and so well. I rarely have to repeat myself when asking Osiyyah a question, or asking him to do something, or telling him something.

Osiyyah has continued to say all the new words he has learned and hasn't forgotten one of them :).

Long overdue Update

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! I will try to update this more regularly, we'll see how that goes though ;).

I'm sure y'all are wondering how the progress is going still with Longvida Curcumin. It's been about 3 months now (almost 4 actually) since we started giving my brother Longvida. We have continued to see amazing changes and results from it. I kept a log of the first 8 weeks of giving it to my brother at 1000mgs/day and then I started a second log when we increased the dosage to 2000mgs/day.

There is also a lot more information that I have not posted to my blog yet, since I have been in contact with a professor of Neurology from UCLA who helped develop Longvida - Sally Frautschy. She has been a wealth of information!

Over the course of this week, hopefully every day, I will post a new post with the information that I am referring to above. I don't want to post it all at once or it might be overwhelming :)!

I will post the log I kept of the changes we saw in my brother over the first 8 weeks here today.

Please let me know if you have started your kid on Longvida or would like to and if you wouldn't mind, please keep a log any changes you may see and the dosage it is at. This is all SO new, the more information we can have the better. So, the more people who use it and keep records of stuff the more it'll help. Feel free to email me with any of this and also any questions about Longvida Curcumin - qf @ (remove spaces).


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