Friday, April 24, 2009

UCLA's Curcumin

I recently was informed of a bioavailable Curcumin formula that UCLA has developed along with Verdue Sciences. The information is absolutely fascinating and it shows a lot of promise for individuals with DS.

This appears to cross the blood brain barrier, which is incredibly important. Curcumin shows a lot of promise in breaking up amyloid beta plaques & tangles, decreasing oxidative stress & apoptosis, and causing neurogenesis & synaptogenesis. It even has the possibility to increase glutathione levels. But, because it is typically not very absorable, it does not do many of these things when just plain ole Turmeric is given.

Verdue Sciences & UCLA have developed a formula called Longvida that is very optimized and they have seen the highest brain levels of Curcumin with this formula. Longvida is not out on the market yet, but the patent is being worked on. UCLA & Professor Frautschy are working on putting together the manuscript of their research for the journals.

We have decided to order some of this Curcumin and give it a try with my brother. It is very safe and has potentially amazing benefits.

I will try to post more information next week, Lord willing. In the mean time feel free to email me if you would like more information - qf @ (remove spaces).


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