Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Not A Choice. It's A Baby Who Just Happens To Have Down Syndrome.

Every few months I get a call from someone who either has just received a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their baby or is just finding out about TNI.

Yesterday I received a call from a mother who is just a few months along in her pregnancy and had received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for her unborn baby. I had a good, long conversation with her about what she can do for her baby.

But, some of the conversation dealt with the diagnosis, since it was still so fresh for her. She was discouraged because of the lack of support she had received and the comments to which people hinted towards abortion. She shared she had always been pro-life, so she was keeping her baby. But, I couldn’t sit here and be quiet over one of the comments she shared. I completely understand why she would be discouraged by the comments she has received.

She shared that one of her co-workers had said, "I'm so sorry! That is one of the worst things that could ever happen to you!"


People need to stop and think about what they are saying. This mother is in the very small percentage – 8% - of families who keep their baby after a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Yes, that’s right, 92% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome have their hearts stopped by abortion and are thrown away as if they are not human.

People act like it’s the end of the world to have a child with Down syndrome. Really, folks, when that child is born, it is That baby, has eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, hands, feet, legs, arms, just like you and me. It’s a human. That baby wants to be held and loved by its mother as every other newborn does. That baby needs love and care. It needs its diaper changed. That newborn depends on its mother just like every other baby born does, for love, care, nourishment, protection and its voice. You or I could’ve been born with a third chromosome. That child did not choose to have a third 21st chromosome. God chose to give that child an extra chromosome. It’s time to lighten up, start loving, have compassion on that unborn life, be that baby’s voice and realize that all children are a blessing.

You know what, just because someone might take life a little slower, doesn’t justify ending that baby’s life. It can be a good thing to slow down and appreciate the small things in life more.

Sure, there are health concerns that are associated with Down syndrome. The concern for that is understandable, but does that justify snuffing out that little one’s life? To kill a helpless life that cannot speak for itself? No, it’s time to help that child and be that child’s voice, to protect and care for that baby.

Someone can end that life within their womb because of a diagnosis of a third chromosome. But, it’s not justified, it is wrong and they will be held accountable for their acts. God gave that mother a gift. It’s not a choice. It’s a life. It’s a child. It’s a helpless baby.

I look at my brother and see what a huge blessing he has been from the moment he was born. I cannot even begin to fathom how someone could be so cold to kill (abort) such a helpless life, who had nothing to do with having an extra chromosome. Society has promoted that it’s the “mother’s choice”, but no one seems to remember that there is a baby inside of that womb who is a person. Where is that baby’s choice?

Instead of falling into the 92% of families who abort their babies who are prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome, I beg any expectant mothers who run across this blog, to protect that baby who is prenatally diagnosed and be a voice for that baby.

Let's celebrate this baby, who just happens to have a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and sing its birthday song when it's born. Instead of being another birthday song that is unsung, because a child was thrown away, torn up and had its heart stopped. Simply because someone didn’t have the love to care for a child who was a little different.

As I sit here and type through the tears, I realize this post may upset some people, but I will not apologize for speaking up for those babies whose hearts are stopped at the hand of violence, and who suffer for wrong, cloaked in the name of ‘choice.’  I’m not afraid to speak up for the unborn babies who have their bloodshed and are torn up by such a shameful, heartless act. Because it’s not her choice, therefore I will not keep silent.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless You!!! for speaking out!

Rosa said...

Please tell to the expecting mom, Congratulations for her baby! She is welcome to community that will support her and her baby all along the way. I have been so bless meeting other moms who have helped me tremendously. I send her a lot hugs! : )

Laura said...

Yes. Congratulations should be what moms who are expecting a baby with trisomy 21 hears. There truly are so many blessings to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This children are beautiful my baby daughter is adorable, i could not imagine my life without her sweet smile. I am also an un-apologetic supporter of he rights of the unborn and the disable. God Bless you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. I saw somewhere on about a priest who found adoptive parents for a young mother who was contemplating terminating her pregnancy after a DS dx. The priest was shock with the amount of people from all over the world that wanted to adopt the baby with DS. Great story. Please let us know your thoughts.

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