Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Together

There are many things, some of which are small things, that O does which adds such a fun aspect to life. They are part of the blessing of having a child with Down syndrome.

O adds many different blessings to our life. Things that we take for granted, he is thrilled about. Things that may not be that exciting, like an every day chore, are always an exciting task. It's always good to be thankful for everything and joyful about things in life. O is a good reminder of that, because he is excited about so much.

Being in a large family, not everyone is doing everything together. If someone has errands to run in town, just a couple people may head to town. If someone is going on a walk or a run, just a couple may go on a run, etc. Whenever we do something where a lot of us are together, it's very exciting for O. And it makes it even neater that we are all doing it together.

A couple days ago just a few of us had to go to town, but once a few more things came up, several more people had things to do in town. So, it ended up being my mom, me, O and 4 others headed to town. We were all getting ready to go to town - brushing hair, changing clothes, getting shoes on, etc - when O found out that his 3 oldest sisters were going to town with him and mom, as well as his twin sister and one other sister.

Because O always likes to verify things to make sure he understands what is going on, he had to ask some questions. He stood there and asked "Da?" (which is what he calls me), I replied with "Yes", he then asked "Ghee?" (what he calls Ez), I said "Yes", He asked, "Seeya" (what he calls S), and I again replied with "Yes." He grabbed me and gave me a big hug while letting out an excited laugh and jumping up and down. It was so cute to see!

He does stuff like the above frequently when we're going outside to do chores, make something in the kitchen, etc. It's so fun to see and puts a smile on all of our faces :)!

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