Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 21: John Marrs

I had quite a bit of response from the Expectations post written by Jenny Marrs. Her son, John, is now 17 years old. I emailed her and asked her how things were going with him now, since I had so many people curious as to how he was doing. So, here is an update on John.

I know there were others with some other questions on that post, which I will try to address in another post :).

If anyone would like to talk to Jenny, feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email and I can pass along her email addy :).

John is doing awesome.  He turned 17 on Sept. 19th.   He is still driving on a permit, going on 2 years now, hoping to get his license soon. He is driving with an instructor two times a week through the school.  He's a junior in Paris High School, taking Earth Science, Algebra, Government, Construction, Literature, and Service, and is always on the honor roll.  He does have an aid who offers one on one teaching in the classroom.  He is not allowed to be near John during any test.  His function is just to give John one on one assistance while classroom teaching or discussion is occurring.    John helps on the farm, and is learning to operate equipment. His dad works construction, and has equipment, so we are hoping John will go right into the business with him.  He has been successful training dogs for obedience and absolutely loves dogs.  He loves the horses, and can feed and care for them himself.  He's a very good rider.  He loves basketball and has gotten very good at shooting. It is hard for anyone to beat him in a game of horse or pig or 21.  He loves riding bikes.  I have a website for him, it's not actually up to date, but there are lyrics on there he has written. Some of his writing is unique in that he words things differently...somehow deeper, I think. But then that's me.  

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Brittany Lee said...

I go to school with John and he is such a amazing guy. And he knows how to put a smile on my face! I love you John.
Brittany Lee

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