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31 for 21: Dr. Henry Turkel's book, Post 1: Overview

For the last year, I've wanted to write some posts up going over Dr. Henry Turkel's book, Medical Treatment of Down Syndrome and Genetic Diseases, copyright 1985. From what I know, the book is out of print. I was able to find it used online somewhere several years ago.

It was a great buy and is an extremely interesting book. It's packed full of information and very fascinating to see what he had to work with and through in those early years. It will take several posts to go over the details in this book, so I will do that over a few weeks, Lord willing. I have 5 posts "written" on a few pieces of paper right now (and there will likely be a few more than that), so I have to put them all up here on the blog.

For those who don't know who Dr. Turkel is, here's just a snippet of background info:

Dr. Henry Turkel was a doctor in the 1950's and earlier who treated patients with Down syndrome and other genetic conditions with nutritional supplements, diet and medications.

On Page 1 of the book, Dr. Linus Pauling writes,

There is an increasingly great and increasingly convincing body of evidence that the use of vitamins, minerals, and other orthomolecular substances in the proper amounts, the amounts leading to optimum health and to the best treatment of disease, has great value in the control of infectious diseases, cancer, heart disease and genetic diseases. there seems, however, to be a bias against these substances on the part of the medical profession and of nutritionists. The result is that there is opposition to orthomolecular medicine.
The work of Dr. Henry Turkel provides a striking example of the way in which this opposition operates to the detriment of the health and well being of a large number of people. Dr. Turkel has developed, over a period of decades, a treatment of mentally retarded children with the use of vitamins, minerals, cerebral stimulants, and other substances. He has gathered together a convincing body of clinical observations showing that the genetic condition of mental retardation need not be accepted as inevitably leading to permanent defect and inability of the individual to function in normal society. Dr. Turkel has indeed provided new hope for the mentally retarded and for members of their families, hope that a great improvement in functioning can be achieved.
This is a good overview of what Dr. Turkel's book goes over. It covers everything from the beginning of his development of the U Series, specific cases of Dr. Turkel's patients, his attempt to get his U Series FDA approved, and the success of patients on the U Series with DS both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Turkel earned his medical degree in 1936 and went into private practice. He also perfected biopsy instruments before the second world war. The instruments called the Turkel Trephine Instruments as well as the Turkel Needle. All of which were used routinely in World War II. He was also appointed consultant for the Surgeon General  in 1952.

A boy named Peter was who started Turkel's research into Down Syndrome. Peter's father inquired about possible treatment for his son. Dr. Turkel knew nothing about Down Syndrome, but he had studied how nutrition can help other genetic conditions.

When Dr. Turkel first started working with Peter and his other early patients with DS, it was not known what caused DS. As he states in his book on page 5,
When I first treated Peter, maternal exhaustion, low thyroid, depleted ovarian function, and similar deficiencies were proposed as the cause of the disease.
So, what Dr. Turkel did was,
Instead of considering the underlying cause of Down syndrome, I looked at the anomalies and realized that many of them were similar to those diagnostic of genetic diseases that I had already treated. I immediately considered the possibility of medical/nutritional therapy. I dispensed the three units of the "U" Series simultaneously, adding a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in pharmocological dosages, as well as enzymes, to correct the physical retardations that I attributed to malnutrition caused by the accumulations.
Peter is who brought Dr. Turkel into the realm of patients with DS and mental retardation, as Turkel writes on page 6,
Peter improved and news about the "U" Series spread. With few exceptions, since the 1950's, I have restricted my practice to the treatment of patients with Down syndrome and other diseases associated with mental retardation.
This finishes the first post about Dr. Turkel's book. I will leave you waiting for the next post to find out what comes next :).

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