Friday, November 12, 2010

More on Potty Training

Looking Up left a comment the post I did the other day in regards to potty training. She made a couple good points that I forgot to address, so thought I'd address them here.

I'm in total agreement with you on this issue. There's no point in pushing the potty training issue until a child is ready. Potty training may come later for kids with DS not just because they may be developmentally delayed, but also due to the hypotonia that many kids with DS have to contend with. (This includes the bladder muscles!) The reality is, while they may understand the concept of potty training, their little bodies may just not be capable of doing what we ask them to do at age 2 or 3. Incidentally, I have a friend whose "typical" child is 4, (about to turn 5) & nowhere near potty trained yet. :)
Hypotonia can definitely be a HUGE part in the potty training area. We've seen that with Osiyyah. The first few times we tried to potty train him, he'd go a little pee-pee on the toilet, but 10 minutes later be wet. It was like it would just "drip out" if he hadn't finished going all of his pee. But, he wouldn't necessarily feel that he hadn't gone all of it yet.

We even dealt with that when we started potty training him again this last time around, a few weeks ago. He'd go pee on the toilet, and then say "done!", but we didn't think he was quite done yet. So, we'd tell him to wait a little bit and see if anymore will come out. Sure enough just a few seconds later, he'd pee a lot more! Then he'd truly be done. I

t took a little bit of us making him stop to see if he had really gone all of his pee, before he would really get all of it out every time. Every now and then, he'll still think he's done when he hasn't gone all of it. But, it's not as common as it was when we first started a few weeks ago.

His body, muscles and understanding were definitely ready to learn potty training now.



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