Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trail of Research

Since Osiyyah was born we've been on the "research trail." Trying to find out everything we possibly could about Down syndrome. What we needed to know to help him best. Etcetera . . . the list goes on.

For months, all I did was research. Reading websites. Asking questions on message boards. Reading books. Calling & talking to various doctors.

When Osiyyah was 8 months old, the research need grew by leaps & bounds. We found out about nutritional things that could be done for Osiyyah . . . and he needed that kind of help. For months, it was all so overwhelming. It felt like a race against time to get everything researched. To know whether this was the right thing to give Osiyyah. Or, if there was something new that we should be giving Osiyyah.

I spent hours on PubMed, reading medical abstracts & journals. Or, searching Google Scholar for research papers.

There came a time when things all started to make a bit more sense. . . Osiyyah was probably around 18 months old to 2 years old at this time, I think. The puzzle pieces all started falling into place and the big picture didn't seem so daunting anymore.

I haven't spent hours on PubMed for awhile. But, it's time to do that some again. There are always new things in the works of Down syndrome research. I have a folder in my email program that has a lot of topics & areas of research to look into.

Since we give Osiyyah quite a few supplements at this time and he is doing so well, there's not the feeling of "we need to get this figured out right now." But, because there is really still so much to research & look into. There is so much yet unknown about Down syndrome. So much that may be out there to help kiddos with DS. I know of several things that various parents/families are looking into right now to see if it'll help kids with DS.

One mom has even taken the initative and started giving her son EGCG (better known as Green Tea extract). She has found a very promising avenue, so I'm hoping to look into that very soon. And there is still so much to look at & do with Longvida Curcumin. What more can it do? How exactly is it helping kiddos with DS?

So, with all that said . . . hopefully you'll be seeing some research-oriented posts here & there from me. If I can start going through my "look at/to research" folder and find things which will be helpful . . . or at least of interest.



Anne Haroun said...

Hi Qadoshyah,

I like your blog! I did not know that Ossiyah could only drink goat milk...we make yogurt from goat milk for you do that too or does he tolerate the fresh goat's milk well?? Annie

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