Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year . . . A New Decade

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2010 already.

It seems like yesterday, but also so long ago, that it was just 2000. I never, in my wildest dreams, would've thought I would be a big sister to a 4 1/2 year old little boy with Down syndrome 10 years ago. Hey, there were only 8 kids in my family at that time anyway! Down syndrome never even entered my mind at that point.

Kid #9 in our family, a little boy, after having 3 girls in a row, came in 2002. My mom almost died after he was born, so my parents waited a few years before baby #10 & #11 were to come along.

Baby # 9, Barokyah, was 3 1/2 years old when my mom found out she was pregnant, in 2004. She was very sick with this pregnancy, unlike any of her other pregnancies. We figured something had to be different . . . and twins was a likely scenario.

At her first ultrasound at 14 weeks, the doctor didn't see a second baby. We weren't sure why my mom was so sick at that point. But, as the weeks went by and my mom's belly was growing bigger than any other pregnancy, we went in for another ultrasound at 29 weeks. That's when the doctor asked "So, when did you grow another one?!" Our whole family was thrilled!

2004 was a rough year for our family with my mom's twin pregnancy & the death of my grandpa. My 19 yr old (at the time 14 yr old) sister & I (I was 16 at the time) had a lot on our plates. We pretty much had to run the house & take care of the kids for the couple months before the twins were born, as mom was on bed rest.

Finally came February 2005 when my mom went into labor & the twins were born on the 3rd. They were so adorable & sweet! It was after the twins were born that we found out the little boy had Down syndrome. No big deal in my mind. I'd just try to do as much as I could for him.

After two long weeks, mom & the babies were home & out of the NICU.

Since 2005, we've learned a lot . . . and been on quite the roller coaster ride. From tears of happiness to tears to sadness. But, I am so. incredibly. thankful for God bringing Osiyyah into our lives almost 5 years ago.

I don't know what our life would be like with out Osiyyah. It would be dull.

Just a couple years ago, I never would have known we would be . . .

. . . living in Oklahoma, in the country with a 44 acre ranch
. . . going to a wonderful speech therapist who is so willing to work with us
. . . have a brother who is actually communicating & talking with us, even though most people wouldn't understand him, we do.
. . . and so much more . . . God has blessed us tremendously the last 10 years.

We had a New Years party last night, played with "ba-oons" (as Osiyyah says), ate lots of yummy snacks & desserts, & danced until 2am. I was doing "interpretive" or "sign language" dancing to a song & Osiyyah quickly joined in with all of us who were doing it. I always have such a blast when he dances with me. He watches & follows so closely (even though he knows the dances so well by now ;)). And makes sweet & goofy faces all along.

Last night as we were dancing, I was so thankful & blessed to have him there by my side dancing with us all. Just like one of the others and doing it as well as he can . . . which really is very good!

And that's how he is in our family: Sure, he is slower at times, but he is just like one of the others. A blessing.



Karien Prinlsoo said...

What a nice post! You I've been wondering lately: what IS GOd's plan for childredn with DS. If we believe that HE plan the that way and stats say that every one in 700-800? children are born with ds, I just wonder what GOd's intentions are for those circleof 700??? I wonder if HE ment for that One child to touch the lives of those 700? To tell them to slow down and love more, take nothing for granted, to enjoy every moment of every thing we do, and to love unconditionally!!!! Kallen is only 3 , actully he will be 4 soon, and we are so thankful that God, our father, sent this wonderful Angel to us!!! I so not want my life to be the way it was before. I've grown so much in my own personality, I think becoming more of the person God made me!!!! He has changed the lives of our hole family for the better. Many people wonder what a "bad" influence a kid with ds will have on their other children's lives. If I just new....I would have "ordered" such a kid long ago!!!My heart just overwhelms when I see our other 3 boys interacting with Kallen and how they love him, appreciate him and take a interest in every new thing he does! I love to watch how he love them, building each boys self image. You never thought that a little boy with ds, will be able to make them feel better about themselves, but he does!

Q ( sorry I've still not practiced to spell your name) may God bless you with a wonderful year ahead. My you be successful in the plans that GOD has for you this year.

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