Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life On The Ranch

As you may know, we live on a ranch. So, it makes for some fun times & opportunities. Especially when the animals start having babies :). It's a great opportunity for all the kids and very neat they are all able to grow up on a 44-acre ranch out in the country. What a blessing the Lord has given us! I think this has been a wonderful opportunity for Osiyyah as well . . . it makes him want to do so much & be so involved with everything. I'll try to post a blog here & there about our life on the ranch, as you'll probably enjoy it.

Starting a couple weeks ago my 15 year old sister's goats have started to have babies - or "kiddings." My sister bottle raises all the baby goats, so that we can have milk sooner & more of it for our family. That's the only reason we have a herd of 50 or 60 dairy goats - for milk for our family. It's the only kind of milk Osiyyah can have, so it is a must for him anyways.

Because the baby goats are bottle-raised they are very friendly. Osiyyah & the other kids thoroughly enjoying bottling & playing with the babies too! Suriyah (my sister) has had 15 baby goats born so far, I believe. And, she has plenty more who are due soon. After the kiddings have subsided, my sister will be milking around 20 does twice a day, which gives us about 6-8 gallons a day, I think.

Here are a couple pictures of Osiyyah & the goats:

The weather here last week was incredibly cold - temps below zero and then just barely getting into the teens or 20 degrees during the day. So, needless to say, the pond we have on our property was frozen. Frozen a good 4-5 inches thick. It made for some fun "pond skiing"! Osiyyah & all the kiddos had quite a blast on it :).

These beautiful "ice falls" are just about 5 miles down the road from our house. Amazing!

Hope you've enjoyed a peek at our life on the ranch :)!



Adelaide Dupont said...

Loved reading about goat milk.

VERY useful for people with disabilities.

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