Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life On The Ranch: Taco Tuesday

On Tuesdays we have "Taco Tuesdays" with our cousins & some friends. It's one of Osiyyah's favorite days of the week. First thing Tuesday morning he asks "Tuesday?" When we say, "Yeah, it's Taco Tuesday," he jumps up & down and claps his hands in excitement :).

He likes to help hand me the corn tortillas so that I can fry them. And, just watch us cook the food for dinner. In most of the kid's minds, it's not Taco Tuesday, until we're actually eating the tacos!

90 taco shells, 7 lbs of ground meat & a pot full of beans later, everything's ready ~

A little while after dinner, we do some line dancing. Osiyyah thrives on dancing and can keep up with the steps pretty well :)! Didn't get any pics of the dancing this time, maybe next time.



Adelaide Dupont said...

Hope you do get some pics of the dancing.

Line dancing is full of sequences and imitation. VERY good for the brain, as are many of the social dances.

I hope those tacos were delicious! It's obviously a great family ritual.

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