Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life on the Ranch: Lily, O's Bunny

Little O had named one of my bunnies that I had kept as a baby a year ago or so, "Lily." It was kind of "his" bunny, but then he said I could sell her. So, after sometime, I sold her. He then was disappointed I sold her and said he wanted to name another bunny, "Lily."

I had an idea come into my head that we would get a French Lop doe (I've kind of always wanted one anyways), name her "Lily" and she'd be O's bunny.

He kept asking me when we'd get "Lily", but it took some time since we had to find the right one first. Well, about a month and a half ago, we found her. She ended up being a French Lop cross, but he likes her a lot, so doesn't really care. O is so cute to watch with her, as he is so gentle, caring and so concerned that she's always okay.

Lily's gonna be a big girl, but thankfully she is super mellow, so O has no problem carrying her around (she's already about 6 lbs at 11 weeks old!).

Hopefully we'll be able to train her to walk on a leash soon too. O's walked her on a leash once already, but she needed to grow into the harness a little bit more before we try again.

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