Friday, October 26, 2012

31 for 21: Professor Feuerstein & a new Documentary on Down Syndrome

I received the following information from someone I know and I thought I would share it:

Professor Feuerstein from Israel is a psychologist who has helped many people.  Emily Kingsley, mother of Jason Kingsley, gives much credit to Professor Feuerstein and his teaching methods in helping her son who was born with Down syndrome progress and become a successful person.   She writes:  

Emily Perl Kingsley writes:
The self-sacrificing work of Professor Feuerstein to enhance the learning potential of children across the globe is legendary.  Now approaching 90 years of age, he has devoted a lifetime of service to children previously thought to be unteachable and has shown the world that all children can learn and become productive, contributing citizens.

Professor Feuerstein's innovative methods have been adopted world-wide and have revolutionized the way we think about children's potential to be mediated and taught.

I am grateful to the Professor on many levels.  My own son, who has Down syndrome, studied with Professor Feuerstein and while previously diagnosed as "profoundly retarded," went on to be able to achieve a full academic high school diploma and write and publish a book about his experiences growing up with Down syndrome.  I attribute this in very large part to the ability to think logically which he learned at the hand of Professor Feuerstein.  I believe that the work that he did with Professor Feuerstein was the most important educational work he ever did in his entire educational career.  The Professor literally taught my son how to think!

And my son is only one of thousands and thousands of children directly affected by Professor Feuerstein's remarkable techniques and amazing influence.

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