Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21: Changes to New Downs

You may remember me posting about a new vitamin formulation for Down syndrome about a year ago that was called New Downs. You can view that post here.

I still have the same concerns and thoughts as I did then. But, I received an email back in the spring that they had made some changes to their formula. This is what they changed:

New flavor - Mixed Berries
addition of trimethylglycine
addition of NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine)
decreased iron content
addition of lipoic acid.

I am glad to see the addition of TMG (TriMethylGlycine), as that is essential for individuals with DS. It is also nice to see decreased iron content (although I still feel it shouldn't be in it at all) and the addition of lipoic acid.

But, the addition of NAC causes me concern. There are several issues with NAC. I briefly mentioned the concerns with NAC here, which were:
From the research I have done, NAC should not be used in Down Syndrome. It has been shown to increase oxidative stress in people with DS and it also appears that it can cause leaky gut.
I will go into more detail about the concerns with NAC in a blog post tomorrow.

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