Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life On The Ranch: New Years Party

I tried to put a post up yesterday, but the internet and blogger were tweaking out.

We had a neat New Years Party on Saturday. I'll just share a few pictures from it.

Confetti made for the kick-off of the party...

Some of the decorations...

The balloons which we dropped at midnight...

There was lots of yummy snacks for the night.

Coconut Cookies (recipe to come soon, Lord willing)

Deviled Eggs (a party favorite around here)

New Years Cakes

Jello snacks

Homemade refried bean dips (recipe to come soon on these as well, Lord willing!)

Since we had a karaoke & lip syncing contest for the night, we had to get the speakers and microphones set up.

The kiddos had fun doing funny things with their hair...dying it with a temporary dye :).

Hope you had a great New Years as well!

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