Saturday, February 19, 2011

The DYRK1A Program

The Lejeune Research Foundation has been studying one of the many overexpressed genes on the 21st chromosome, the DYRK1A gene.  There is no supplement or medication used yet to help counteract the effects of this gene & protein.

But, the active ingredient in Green Tea, EGCG, does help regulate the effects of this gene. And so the Lejeune Research Foundation is going to start a study on this. I'll be very curious to see the results!

Here's a quote from Lejeune Research Foundation's website:

"When it works too hard, the chromosome 21's DYRK1A gene is causing morphological and cognitive impairments on Down Syndrome's Mice models*. (Ts65Dn mice). It is likely that the hyper function of this gene has the same effect on humans affected by Down Syndrome.

The DYRK1A gene encodes for an enzyme (also called DYRK1A): in other words, it is the source of the synthesis (production) of this enzyme. The intention is therefore to curb the over activity of this enzyme by inhibiting it thanks to a chemical molecule.

This principle has already been validated on mice: in 2009, conclusive studies have been conducted on the Ts65Dn mouse: with the contribution of this molecule, their cognitive function improved. This work was led by John Delabar, from the University Paris VII, with the support of the Foundation Lejeune.

We are now entering the next stage with the launch of the first clinical trial of the inhibitor - the active molecule EGCG*, extracted from green tea - on patients affected by Down Syndrome: the test is conducted in Barcelona, Spain, under the direction of Professor Mara Dierssen, still with the support of the Foundation Lejeune."



momto10kids said...

Have y'all ever considered giving O Green Tea Extract? I'm considering it. We'll see.

mom to 3 with Ds

Adelaide Dupont said...

I also will be curious to see the Green Tea research from Lejeune Foundation.

Qadoshyah said...

@ Debbie, yes we have considered giving O Green Tea Extract. Just have to do a bit more research on it before we start it. Hopefully we can start some soon.

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