Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 Years Ago This Month

O & his twin sister, Yo, turn 6 years old this month. It's hard to believe that it's been 6 years since the chaotic, tiring, stressful, happy, exhausting & blessed day that they were born.

Our lives changed that day. For the better.

I remember so vividly the moment my dad came out of the NICU saying "there may be some bad news," and my heart sunk, thinking "what was wrong?". He continued though, "it looks like the little boy may have Down syndrome."  What a sigh of relief! That's not such a bad thing, I thought, even though I knew nothing about the specifics of DS. The next thing I knew, we were out in the L&D waiting room sharing the news of the twins arrival along with any info we knew with the rest of our family & friends.

We were told many negative things in regards to O's diagnosis of Down syndrome. Many things that he would not do.

You know what? They were wrong. Flat-out wrong. (just like so many others have experienced.)

Today we're blessed by him. Blessed by the gift that God gave us in giving us O, with that extra chromosome.

Today O can do the things we were told he wouldn't do. Today he has exceeded the dark expectations they put upon him.

And today, O can...

...walk, run, jump and skip with chores around the farm

...communicate with his family & friends like any other little boy with his siblings, cousins & friends

...understand so, so much jokes on his siblings

...sing and dance potty-trained

...lose his baby teeth

...beg to go outside to have a snow fight when it snows

...and so much more.

God has been extremely kind & merciful to my little brother, in so many ways. He's healthy. His thyroid has been able to be kept under control. He's active. His echocardiogram came back good when he was a baby. He's blessed to be in our family.

So today I say, "I love you buddy." And as O would reply, "Yep!" :). You've enriched our life so much and keep us laughing & smiling.




Jasy kasiM said...

feeling so happy to read this.
lot of luv to u all...:)

Jasy [mom of BIMAL(15yrs) with an extra chromosorm)

Looking Up said...

Happy Birthday to O & sis! :)

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