Monday, February 1, 2010

Life On The Ranch: "Wow!"

"Wow!" was what Osiyyah yelled when he looked out the window Friday afternoon at the blanket of snow covering everything. And because all the kids were so excited about the snow, even though it was still snowing hard, we bundled everyone up and went out for an adventure in the snow on our property.

The winter storm warning that we had in effect all week long seemed to be true come Thursday afternoon. It started with freezing rain and by that night we had a good 1/2"-3/4" of ice covering everything. The snow started mid morning on Friday and by that afternoon & evening we had 10" to a foot of snow covering everything.

Osiyyah & all the kids have had a blast playing outside in the snow for the past several days. A lot melted today, but there's still a lot left on the ground.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The ice covering first:

My cousin's horses being frisky in the snow (my cousin lives across the street)

Our adventure out in the snow Friday afternoon :)

Today, the people & goat kids playing in the snow

A few random pictures taken around our property the last few days

And if you're wondering, Friday when Osiyyah proclaimed the word "Wow!" at the snow, in perfect clarity . . . on every. single. sound. in that word . . . was the first time he had said that word like that. It was such a blessing to hear him say that! He has continued to say the word clearly quite often now :).



Jenny R said...

Those pictures are so pretty! We only had one day with snow. Enough for a small snowman.. Then it was gone.

That's so cute he said WOW! That's a good first word:)

Adelaide Dupont said...

Yeah, probably up there with 'mom' and 'pop'.

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