Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life On The Rach: The Last Week

I know, I've slacked in blogging the last week. Just haven't had much to blog about. I will do a short recap on the last week or so of what's been happening here.

We've had a lot of cold & wet weather this year. We had a small snow storm last week with just a few inches of snow. I went ahead and took a few moments to take Osiyyah outside as it was snowing, since it wasn't super cold.

And while we were at it, we went ahead and took Canuck, our bullmastiff puppy, outside so he could "go potty."

I had Osiyyah carry the leash in case I needed to put it on Canuck if he refused to go back inside. That did happen, since it only took maybe 10 minutes before Osiyyah wanted to go back inside since he was getting cold.

Since the twins turned 5 a couple weeks ago, they got some birthday money. So we took them shopping in Walmart to pick out a few items.

One of the items - a wooden block set. Osiyyah also got a bat & ball, which has been great practice on hand-eye coordination. He actually hit the ball several times today when it was thrown at the bat :)!

The weather warmed up a few times last week, which made everything very squishy, slushy & muddy. The kids had fun running & playing in the mud puddles & the few spots of ice that were still there.



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