Sunday, February 14, 2010

How do you know?

When the topic of someone seeing changes in their child from a certain supplement comes up on the various lists or message boards, a question which is always asked is "How do you know these changes are related to the such & such?"

While this can be a good question at times, there are other times when this is just trying to avoid the obvious, it seems.

I have heard this question numerous times over the years. The first time I heard it was back in 2005 shortly after we started Nutrivene-D with Osiyyah. Osiyyah's life changed dramatically when he started taking Nutrivene. Within a month, he was a different baby.

When we posted about the changes we saw with Osiyyah, there were some who said "well, my baby started growing at that age too" or "you can't really know it's from Nutrivene."

Or, with Longvida Curcumin. We have seen massive changes in Osiyyah's speech since starting him on Longvida.

There are some who have questioned whether or not the changes are due to Longvida, like "my child started saying a lot around that same age."

I can understand their questioning. But, I don't agree.

When you live day in & day out with your child (or sibling, for that matter), you know full well their natural development, how they are progressing, what their needs are, etc.

When Osiyyah started gaining weight, being aware of his surroundings, and had improved tone, it wasn't just his natural development. The only thing that changed in his world, was the addition of Nutrivene-D. It was an obvious life saver. I don't care what the skeptics want to say, comparing Osiyyah to himself, Nutrivene-D made all the difference at that time (when he was 8-9 months old).

Osiyyah's speech exploded in May '09 (at age 4 yrs, 3 months old) and he has continued to make amazing improvements and jumps since then. The only thing that changed in his world, was the addition of Longvida Curcumin. Again, I don't care what the skeptics want to say, I know Osiyyah and his development, this wasn't just part of his natural development. This was aided by Longvida Curcumin.

When you have a child who is a failure-to-thrive baby, or has said the same words & sounds for the past two years, suddenly change . . . Suddenly start gaining weight. Suddenly start saying new words and *sentences*. . . it is obvious this is not just "natural development." These supplements have aided their brain, their body & their health.

Knowing your child and comparing him to himself, can make things very obvious whether they are a direct result of a certain supplement or just natural development.



H. Guide said...

Looks like perhaps you didn't get the brittle mixture to the right temperature. A candy thermometer helps, but if you just boil the mixture until it's about the same color as a piece of caramel (like Brach's) that should be about right. It takes a while to get to that stage; don't jump the gun and stop too soon. Homemade peanut brittle is delicious! Good luck!

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