Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life On The Ranch: Storms

Well, we were without power for a day and without internet for a few days due to some crazy storms that came through last Wednesday. Thankfully everyone is fine. The huge amount of water that came so fast caused a lot of flash flooding/water damage in the area.

The evening before the storms hit - the clouds were large and beautiful.

The morning after the storm we decided to head outside and take a look at all the water. The kids had a fun time exploring the creek that runs through our property when it rains like this. I'll just share a few pictures from the last few days.

This is a dam in our property that has been in place for a few years. The power of the storms and water broke it right in half like it was nothing.

Ever seen a tree struck by lightning? Well, here ya go. Sometimes the trees will be split in half, but this one held up so far.

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Cindy said...

Oh my goodness that tree looks amazing. And no, I hadn't ever seen a tree struck by lightning. (Your property is beautiful!)

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