Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Panic" To Stop the Down Syndrome?

When a family finds out their child has Down syndrome, they want to be able to find out what they can do for their child. Some of those families look into supplements and drugs to help their baby, which I think is great.

But, there are some who feel that families who start their baby on supplements so quickly (at a young age - just weeks to months old), are in a "panic" about the Down Syndrome and feel the need to "do something" to stop it.

For some families this might be the case, but more often then not, the families I have talked to are not in a panic about what they can do. They simply want to do what is best for their baby and give their baby what they feel is the best chance to do well. For some families, this means starting their baby on a variety of supplements and possibly drugs as early as possible.

We did not find out about any sort of supplemental/nutritional intervention for O until he was 8 months old. Had we found out about it when he was younger, we could've looked like we were in a "panic," because we would have started Nutrivene-D when he was just days old.

But, it's not because we want to stop the Down syndrome. It's because we want to do what we feel is best for O. And I believe that's where most families are coming from.

The earlier you can start supplementation to combat the negative effects of the extra chromosome, the better. The more time that goes on without intervention to combat the harmful aspects of Trisomy 21, the more damage that is done. You cannot fully stop the oxidative stress, mental retardation, or neurological concerns with just supplementation, but you can slow them down a lot.

I fully support and encourage parents who want to start supplementation as early as they feel is safe. For some parents that may be from day 1 and for others, that may be at a year old. For some, it may be a long list of supplements, and for others it may be a more conservative list, which slowly gets longer as the child gets older.

The biggest concern here is to make sure you, as parents or caregivers, are fully researched and convinced, in your own mind, regarding any supplement or drug you give your child.

There are things to be cautious of, especially for a young baby. You don't want to overload their system, particularly their gut, especially if they have GI concerns. But that's where researching what you are going to supplement with comes in. If you are well researched, have talked to others who are knowledgeable, you are on the right track.

I would not want to discourage someone by saying they are in a "panic" about the Down syndrome. In a sense, there is a race against time which is very real and this is why I think it's very important for supplementation to be started at an early age.

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