Friday, September 9, 2011

Eagle Scout with Down Syndrome

A family on the Einstein-Syndrome list has a son with Down syndrome who has been working on an Eagle Scout project. He recently completed his project, so some newspapers shared his story. I thought I would share it as well.

Receiving the distinction of Eagle Scout requires strong motivation, willingness to learn, careful planning, with a strong commitment to service. Isaac Wieser possesses all of these admirable characteristics, plus unmatched, unbridled enthusiasm. Born with Down syndrome, he doesn’t allow challenges to intimidate him one bit. Last week, after a full year of planning, organizing, supervising, and development, he delivered 10 white cedar bluebird houses to Sotterley Plantation, as part of the wildlife encouragement program.

“I’m so excited!” Isaac exclaimed, upon entering the Sotterley office with his mother and brother … and he has every right to be. After identifying Sotterley’s need for this valuable project at the 2010 Garden Fair, he set to work. With assistance from his family and fellow boy scouts in Troop 420 of Leonardtown, what began as an idea has become a reality.

After learning that bluebirds prefer white cedar, Isaac’s grandfather generously donated the wood for the project. Isaac’s next phase of learning included how to use a drill press and other tools correctly and safely, under the instruction of his father. Once the prep-work was complete, he supervised the construction of the high-quality bluebird houses. Grouping the scouts into teams, each responsible for a specific task on an assembly line, he oversaw each phase of development for quality assurance.

“We are so incredibly honored that Isaac chose Sotterley for this most amazing gift. This will help us to increase the bluebird population at Sotterley,” stated Nancy Easterling, Executive Director. “Most importantly, we have made a great friend in Isaac.”

Much thanks to Isaac Wieser, the Wieser family, and Boy Scout Troop 420 of Leonardtown, Maryland. We are grateful … and excited!

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