Monday, August 8, 2011

Film Maker Looking to do Documentary on Teens/Adults with DS

I’ve been contacted by a film maker, Trace Burroughs, who is wanting to do a documentary on teens and adults with Down syndrome. I’ve spoken to Trace in email and also on the phone and offered to help him find people who would be interested in helping him with this project.

Here is a little more information about what the documentary would be about:

I want to do a documentary. The concept being what does the world look like though the point of view or eyes of teens and adults with Down Syndrome.

I have 4 simple to use digital cameras. I would give the participants a camera, several tapes and a month of time and see what they come up with. When they are done they would send the tapes and the cameras back to me. I would give the shooters or  their parents simple instructions on how to use the cameras and basic shooting principles. For each person I would want them to shoot whatever they like (they can't shoot people without them getting release forms) and narrating while they're shooting.

You can contact Trace directly at:

Trace Burroughs
New Paradigm Entertainment
TEL: 203-664-1086 EST

Or, by contacting me and I will get you in touch with Trace!

I thought I would add a little more information here from Trace, in case anyone had any questions:

This documentary is meant to have a positive spin, showing the world the inner sweet soles and perspective of those with down syndrome. Each down syndrome participant will be given a digital camera to shoot what ever they want and they can talk as they film to explain what they are shooting, how they feel about it or whatever. It's pretty open that way. I will provide several 1 hour tapes that they or a parent can put in the camera and I will have simple online instructions on how to work the camera. They can hold onto the camera for a month and shoot when they are inspired.

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