Friday, March 11, 2011

Another article on the "new test"

There came through yet another news article on the "less invasive" & "safer" test which is being developed to search for Down syndrome.

I'm not going to put the whole article here, but I will quote & comment on a few portions of it. You can view the full article here.

"He said the cheaper and quicker method of blood sampling rather than collecting fluid from the womb will encourage more couples to take the test and therefore slowly eradicate the disease."
Ummm, excuse me?! "Slowly eradicate the disease"? That's sick. Obviously this doctor does not believe babies with Down syndrome should live. How about "This test will be more accurate to be able to improve the health & cognition of babies with DS in the womb."

It's not like Down syndrome is some contagious disease that causes harm to the family the child is born into (besides something like that could be cured with the technology we have today most likely). It's just an extra chromosome. And the child had no control over how they were developed. That's all up to God.
"There is no cure, so this is a test for couples who want to know and prevent it, they are the ones who must decide on the fate of the pregnancy."
Disgusting. So, because a child may be born with an "imperfection" and something that can't be "cured," there's no reason to keep the life of that child?!

It would be better if these doctors spent their time trying to find a cure or at least something that would massively help babies with Down syndrome. But, no, they'd rather just get rid of people with Down syndrome all the way.

This makes my blood boil. Why? Because this "disease" they're trying to eradicate is associated with a human being. They are destroying a life.

My brother is a blessing. A huge blessing. Life without him would be minus the HUGE blessing he is.



My Little Wonders said...

Oh, that article, and specifically that researcher, made my blood boil. I thank you though for posting it ... I guess we are a very long way from changing people's beliefs on Ds.

Anonymous said...

Oh my slowly eradicate, what does he mean, are they out to kill all babies with Down Syndrome,that statement makes me feel to cry. All babies are a blessing from God. Isn't his view the same view that Hitler had.

Randy B. said...

I posted about this on my blog. I wanted to hear some thoughts on this subject. I cant believe that some say it will "save lives" and its a "great test". We had the triple screen done in '04 when my wife was pregnant and we got back a false negative. I still think that even if we had gotten a positive result for Downs that we would have "taken care of it" like they say. Horrible test that will raise Down syndrome abortions even higher. love you site!

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