Monday, December 21, 2009

Speech Appointment

This past Thursday was Osiyyah's monthly speech therapy appointment at Tulsa Sunshine Center. It's a new pediatric therapy building that has recently opened. They have been fantastic so far!

It had been a few months since we had seen Kim T. We had been been seeing another ST there (who is also great!), and Kim mentioned that his oral muscles are looking/feeling great. I guess we're doing something right ;).

Osiyyah made a big accomplishment while we were at therapy this past week. He held a bite block in his mouth on each side for 20 seconds. That's phenomenal! It's Bite Block #4, which is thicker than the two bite blocks I have. I only had 2 & 3, so I'm glad we were able to use a different level. Kim let us borrow their Bite block set, so hopefully we can work him through them over the next month before we see her again :)! We did the bite block again this morning and sure enough, he held it there for 20 seconds. 4 times total (2x per side). Yes, praise the Lord!

Kim gave me several other ideas and things to do with Osiyyah too, so it was a very good visit. She got to do more with him too, which was nice. The last time we saw her, she was still doing the evalution with him, so she wasn't able to work with him much.

Things like . . .

Blowing bubbles:
Getting him to say certain words:

The bite blocks!
(me showing Kim how I do it at home ;))
And blowing horns:



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