Monday, September 28, 2009


My brother was born into a large family and never put off to the side. We've always treated him just like anyone else in the family, expected & encouraged him to help and do what the other kids do. Of course there are certain things he can't do as well, or it takes him longer to do, or he just isn't able to do yet, but those are few and far between. . . especially as he has gotten older.

If we didn't include him in everything and encouraged him to do things, I don't think he would be as far along as he is. We've never put any limits on him and he's always done well.

If he wants to do something, we let him try. If he thinks he can't do it, he is encourage to try some more. If he absolutely can't do it, then we will help him. But, he always gets so excited to be able to help and do things like the other kids.

He helps the kids empty the trash cans that are around the house. Of course he lags behind a little in keeping up with them running around the house, but he gets a kick out of helping. He empties the dishwasher all by himself and knows where just about everything goes. The dishes aren't necessarily put away perfect. The silverware may just be thrown in the drawer and not sorted, but at least he put it where it belongs. Someone will come straighten it up.

The other day I had Osiyyah & his twin sister, Yophiyyah, out in my bunny barn helping me fill water bottles, feed the kittens, feed the bunnies, hold the new day old baby bunnies, etc. Yophiyyah will typically fill the water bottles while I am feeding if she is out there. This time, Osiyyah wanted to fill bottles. So, I told him to find the bottles that needed filling and fill 'em up.

He took the bottles off that needed filled, had me open them and then he tried to fill them all by himself. Now, it's kind of a hard job, so he was not able to do it without someone's help. Yophiyyah offered to help, so he and her pushed the water jug spout in while the bottle filled up. It was so cute to watch them both work at it together and succeed in filling up the bottle!

Today I explained to him what the bottles looked like that needed to be filled and what the bottles looked like that were full. He'll get the hang of it soon, Lord willing.

And, since we're on the topic, here is a picture of him & his sister filling the bottles:

I think living on a farm has been even more beneficial to Osiyyah. He enjoys helping with all the chores and animals, so it makes him be more interactive and work more.

He waters the garden when everyone else is weeding it or picking stuff. He doesn't only water it though, he also waters himself (i.e. turns the hose towards himself), LOL! But, he has a blast doing it!

All this to say, don't put limits on your kids. Encourage them to do all they can and they may just surprise ya and succeed!


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